Laboratory 1 – Introdution to networks


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Accomplish the following tasks and understand their results.

Perform the following tasks using the cmd console

  1. What is your IP address (use the ipconfig)
  2. At which address you are visible on the Internet (use the side of „what is my ip”)
  3. If, in the preceding two paragraphs receive different addresses – explain what this means?
  4. On whom the public IP is registered under the visible is your computer?  (whois tools)
  5. Does your computer’s IP address is static or dynamic? if dynamic for how long the computer can receive?
  6. Use the PING command to examine the parties – – and – comment the results
  7. What is the TTL value received in the previous task? What does it mean?
  8. Use the tracert command to examine the way servers – and – analyze the results. Associate results from the map route network Compuetr (WASK)
  9. Who manufactured the network card in your computer? Check the MAC
  10. Define what it is and what the default gateway is a gateway device for your computer?
  11. Who is the manufacturer of the device, which is the default gateway of your computer? Check the MAC (use arp -a)

Perform the following tasks using the Axence Nettools

  1. Start monitoring the university website and the mail server. Set the email alarm when these services will be down by more then  5 minutes
  2. Show all existing communication channels on your computer (what applications, and on what ports)
  3. Show graphically route packets from you to the server –, and – what do you think?
  4. Show graphically route packets from you to the server Using other tools to specify where the server room that holds this page. Explain what happened and why?
  5. Show all devices on your subnet
  6. Examine the bandwidth to your colleague, the university web server and – and


With completed tasks should be performed in a PDF report and put them on E-portal. The report will consist of:

  1. job description,
  2. prinscreens their implementation + discuss them
  3. Conclusions and summary

Completion date is 1 Week.  You must put the reports to E-portal.